Jaime Silva is a mother of three beautiful children and a wife to one lucky guy. In addition to taking care of a family, she owns a deli located in the heart of Sacramento, CA. Feeling like she didn’t have enough on her plate, in 2013 Jaime decided after four years of CrossFit it was time to get her Level 1 and start coaching at her home gym, Land Park CrossFit.

“I have a passion for helping people, for brightening everyone’s day, for making a difference — even if it’s just a high five for not dying during a WOD. I love CrossFit. And it’s because of the community and people.”

On Christmas Eve 2014, Jaime found a lump in her right breast. As a rigorous self-examiner, she had no doubt the lump was new. Jaime saw a doctor right away and by January 7, 2015, was diagnosed with Stage 2 Breast Cancer. Knowing time was of the essence, her doctors had her back in just sixteen days later for a bi-lateral mastectomy and reconstruction. During surgery, the doctors noticed that the cancer had also spread to two of Jaime’s lymph nodes. Within three weeks, Jaime began her first of six rounds of chemotherapy.


“Everything happened so fast, it felt like a dream… so surreal. In one month my entire life had changed, it had stopped. My body image and shape were completely different and I had to stop doing what I loved the most — CrossFIt.”

This whirlwind month was shocking to Jaime, her family and the community at Land Park CrossFit. She allowed herself one day to cry with her family, then made the decision that she wouldn’t let cancer win. Jaime says, “I can’t let the thought that I could die, that people die from this disease ever enter my mind. I just know I have to kick this things ass and get it out of my body.”

Jaime’s CrossFit community has really stepped up since her diagnosis and people are always willing to help her out. Whether it’s making meals, performing household chores, picking up the kids from school or just visiting, the Land Park CrossFit community is there. For the first workout of 2015’s CrossFit Games Open, her box even put on a fundraising event in Jaime’s honor, which raised over $9000. “It was the best day ever. My family and I felt so loved and supported. I couldn’t do this without my CrossFit people,” Jaime recalls.

Throughout her journey, Jaime tries to stay positive, gathering a lot of strength and motivation from her kids. She knows that CrossFit has helped her as well, teaching her to dig deep and keep moving when you think you’ve got nothing left. She even has some words of advice to others going through cancer treatment:

“A great friend told me this. He said, ‘I don’t workout with music because the music always stops. With no music, it’s just you and your barbell. You dig deep. You find this place deep inside that has you pick up that weight for one more rep.’

What is that place? What do you turn to when the music stops? Hold on to that when things are tough. That has kept me going when chemo has me hurting and feeling horrible. There is no more music it’s just me. I dig deep. I turn on beast mode and I keep going.”