Mack Unruh is the owner of Beartooth CrossFit in Billings, Montana and the Strength and Conditioning coach at Montana State University Billings where he also played collegiate baseball. He found CrossFit the summer of 2011 after hearing about it from a teammate. Mack walked into CrossFit Salem and hasn’t looked back since. After training with the crew at CrossFit Salem for year, he decided to take his passion to the next level and obtain his Level-1 certificate so he could coach.

I had the privilege of knowing Brittany Gill for awhile being apart of the CFS family I got to see her each day we were at the box. I don’t think I can ever forget how much love and care she spread throughout the gym each day, her enthusiasm and energy could be heard and observed everyday. Brittany was an amazing person! Everyday Warrior gives hope to families struggling with unfortunate situations. What Brittany and Matt have built is something extraordinary, it is a true testament on how caring they both are and willing to help anyone in need.