Catherine has been an athlete and coach at Crossfit Invictus for over a year now. Originally from Crossfit 45 North in Hillsboro OR, she has been coaching for over 4 years now. Her biggest passion is helping others achieve their goals and inspiring the community to believe in themselves. As an athlete, Catherine has qualified for the NorthWest Regionals in 2013 and 2014. This past season she qualified for the Crossfit Games as a part of team Invictus but had to sit out due to injury.

Catherine is passionate about Everyday Warrior because of the impact it has had on her in the past year. Brittany Gill, Everyday Warrior’s Founder, and Featured Warrior, Cindy Archibald, were dear friends of Catherine and it is so important to her that their legacy lives on. They continue to inspire her every single day by how strong they fought until the very end